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Event Date: Through December 31
Event Time:
Location: Veteran/Military Affairs Liaison Office, Gulf Coast State College, Panama City, FL.

The Northwest Florida Veterans Task Force organization regularly sends out packages to our deployed troops.

The GCSC Armed Services Club will be collecting items to assist in this project. This will be a year-long project so donations can be made anytime you wish.

A box/container will be placed in the GCSC Veteran/Military Affairs Liaison office for anyone wishing to donate items for the packages.

Items will be taken once a month to the Northwest Florida Veterans Task Force so they can be included in the packages.

Below is a detailed listing of suggested items to send. Please use as a reference when deciding on what to donate. Also, the listing doesn’t include items for the troop’s K-9 partners. Some items suggested for our four-legged troops are; various toys (Kong brand is the best), Science Diet dry dog food, dog brushes,etc…

Pamela S. Hiller
Veteran/Military Affairs Liaison
Gulf Coast State College
Phone: 850-769-1551 ext 3341
Cell: 850-890-5202
Fax: 850-747-8082

AdoptaPlatoon’s Suggested Snack Food & Miscellaneous Items
All food items must be appropriately sealed / and prepackaged

WHAT CANNOT BE SENT: Pork products, Alcohol, Pornographic materials, liquid hand sanitizer, or
Aerosol cans. Due to the extreme heat, chocolate is not mailed during the summer months. Visit the
USPS at http://www.usps.com to learn more about APO/FPO mailings and view sizes of postal boxes
available. Call 1.800.610.8734 to order free shipping supplies. Visit the Military Postal Service Agency to
learn even more http://hqdainet.army.mil/mpsa/mid.htm.

Canned Items
Canned fruit
Chicken and/or packs; pop-top
Peanut butter / Jelly
Tuna and/or packs (tuna in pouches are best)
Cajun seasoning
Garlic salt
Honey packs
Hot sauce
Salad dressings
Salsa (don’t forget the taco chips)
Salt/pepper, sugar packets
Sweet N Low
Ground Coffee (if they have a coffee-maker
– be sure it’s unflavored ground coffee)
If you send coffee beans – be sure to send a
coffee grinder
Tea / Hot Chocolate
Instant Cappuccino
Coffee creamer
Hot chocolate mixes
Instant coffee
Tea bags
Microwavable Foods
(if they have a microwave)
Mac & Cheese
Brownie mix
Various mini dinners
Instant oatmeal
Instant soups / soups in pop-top containers
Powdered Drink Mix Singles
Crystal Light
Juice boxes
Propel, etc.
Snacking Foods
Beef Jerky / beef sticks, summer sausage
Cheese spreads / small Velveeta cheese blocks
Dry Cereal
Chex Mix
Crackers for snacking
Dried fruit
Energy bars / Cereal Bars / high protein bars /
Granola Bars
Fruit pies
Gum, Hard Candy wrapped (no chocolate in
Little Debbies & other snack cakes
Nuts (all kinds)
Pudding cups
Advil, Tylenol, Cold/Cough drops, Sinus Meds
Antibiotic Cream (Neosporin)
Anti-Bacterial Wipes
Baby Oil, Baby Powder
Baby Wipes
Bath mat
Bath/hand/wash towels (dark colors)
Blankets for cooler weather
Body Wash / soap (be sure to triple pack the
soap and not put it near the food as it leaves the
smell of soap on the food)
Clothes Pins/Line
Contact Lens Cleaner
Cotton Balls
Dental Floss
Disposable hand and feet warmers
DUSTING CLOTHS for removing the sand from
everything and every surface
Eye Drops
Eyeglass Kit
Face Soap
Foot Inserts for boots
Foot/Boot Powder
Insect Repellent Wipes/ non aerosol spray
with Deet (need in spring/summer)
Laundry Soap / Fabric Softener
Air Freshener

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